Welcome to the Exhibitions Team. We are an association of museum consultants founded in 2006 by a group of senior professionals. We have extensive experience in the arts and heritage sector, and specialise in working with museums, galleries, historic buildings, libraries and archives. Our purpose is to help your institution to identify, plan and achieve its aspirations within your timescales and budget.

Why choose us?

We differ from most other consultancies. Each of us has the hands-on experience of having worked many years within the sector, so we bring an unparalleled mix of practical knowledge at executive, managerial and operational level.

We are problem-solvers by temperament. We offer a unique combination of insider's knowledge with the freshness, energy and creativity of the entrepreneur.

We appreciate that each institution is different. With hard-won experience across a wide range of organisations, we draw upon a myriad of case studies to find solutions that provide the best fit for you and your organisation. 

We have an enviable network of tried and tested colleagues. If we do not know the answer, we know someone who does and will not hesitate to put you in contact.

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